Thursday, May 19, 2011

For the men in our lives

Hi sisters,
I am loving Ernest Alexander's spring men's accessories! This collection is near and dear to my heart. A few of my friends have had a hand in it, designing for him, standing behind the camera, and in front of it.  Ernie started by making men's bags out of his home in the garment district, and then trying his luck selling the bags at small shops in New York. He is figuring out a way to do something he loves and work for himself, speaking of which ... Megan, when are we starting DawsonMade?

The images above are some of the shots Eric snapped for the Spring collection that are featured on the website. Aren't they lovely? Our friend Gabe is the model in the first picture on the left and does that guy in the middle look familiar?

My favorite Ernest Alexander items are their Wax Rucksacks, their Wax Overnight Bags, and their Forster Chambray Necktie.

Love from the Big Apple :)

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