Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Day Off...


For the first time ever I decided to take my birthday off! Let me tell you, this was the best idea EVER. I took the day to enjoy some quality time with myself :) My day included:

A mid morning workout with a view (squint hard and you can see the GG  bridge)

Lunch with my bestie

A visit to the Apple store! (ps we need to iChat!)


My biggest indulgence/my favorite thing in the world, a massage (I have no picture for this because I figured no one really wants to see me laying naked on a massage table)

A visit to the nail salon to fix my bad habit (aka nail biting). And YES, the nail lady said to me "oh you have short nail" just like all the rest. I don't really understand the need for them to tell me this. YES I KNOW I have short nails.

I have some serious sausage fingers. Which parent do I blame this on?

Then a delicious dinner at Wayfare Tavern. Matthew and I had to be rolled out of the restaurant after our meal!

At then end of this GLORIOUS day, I am reminded of the wonderful life I have. I am grateful for my friends and my family. I am grateful for the person I am and the person that I am becoming. I encourage everyone to spend a day just simply enjoy the life that you work so hard to get.

from SF


  1. GAh.... I love that ring! I'm glad you took some time for yourself on your birthday :)

  2. That just sounds so fabulous. And I second Kath- ring is fearsomely awesome. And you and Babes are just the cutest.



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