Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh Bagel!

The weather was less than ideal this weekend, hovering around 40 degrees with spitting rain, and that may inspire some to stay inside and cook. Not me - I wish the kitchen inspired me! (For the record, I blame my lame cooking skills on Kathleen; she stole the homemaker gene from me in the womb.)  This weekend my kitchen was only good for peanut butter toast and Saltines so we decided to treat ourselves to a large cup of good coffee and an excellent breakfast sandwich.  These wonderful sandwiches are from Bagel on Damen and could rival and New York bagel shop. The chive cream cheese is heavenly and the Stumptown Coffee is an added bonus.  If you are in Chicago and need breakfast, stop here! Or try it out one of these sandwiches in your own kitchen and teach me how to do it please!

Breakfast III - Wheat Bialy, Chive Cream Cheese, Egg, and Tomato

Breakfast II- Mish Mosh Bagel, Plain Cream Chese, Egg, Bacon and Avacado

Love from the Windy City!


  1. Girls, love your blog! I featured you on Scout today as a must read:

  2. Melanie! Thanks so much for featuring us on your blog. Glad you found us, and we will for sure be following you!

    ~ Megan, from SF

  3. I also live in Chicago. Another great place to check out is Beans and Bagels right by the Montrose brown line. They have some pretty tasty bagels, as well as sandwiches. Quick question: my sister and I want to start a blog together and call me technologically inept, but cannot figure out how to do it so that we can both post. HELP?



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