Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Megan!


We are so happy that you were born 20 some years ago! Life is incredibly entertaining with you as a sister and as the self proclaimed "idea factory" of the family, we can't get enough of your phone calls about a new adventure or product that will change our lives. Your ridiculous antics are hilarious and always full of optimism. Because this little girls reminds us of you and because everybody needs a pep talk on their birthday, here is an inspirational message from Jessica:

This could be a video of you has a child (mom don't you agree?).

Happy birthday to the most enthusiastic and positive person we know! We hope you have a great day in SF and we're so sad we can't celebrate with you in person - but we are both sure we'll get a nice 3am phone call from you when you're out on the town :)

Much love from your older sisters!


  1. Happy birthday Megan, nice sisters you've got - I like the commercial!
    Have a great day, Lisa!

  2. Happy Birthday Megan! Miss your face.




  3. Thanks guys! Yes Lisa, I have wonderful sisters :)



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