Thursday, May 5, 2011

Turkey Burgers

It looks like it's going to be another beautiful weekend in NYC! Nathan and I are headed to Prospect Park (Brooklyn) on Saturday for a picnic to celebrate a friend's engagement and I might be grilling up some turkey burgers. Now all we need is a Frisbee, a mustached guy with a guitar, some jorts, a case of PBR, and a 20-something girl in a brightly colored head scarf with cat eye sunglasses... and we've got ourselves a good old Brooklyn BBQ :)

Thomas' Turkey Burgers
- 3 lbs of ground turkey
- 2 cloves of minced garlic
- 1 tsp. of olive oil
- Mrs. Dash seasoning salt
- 24 Thomas' English muffins (2 packs of 12)
*english muffins make for really soft burger buns and are an easy twist to the traditional burger
- Extra sharp cheddar cheese

Step 1.
- Lightly mix the ground turkey, a few shakes of the Mrs. Dash, the olive oil, and the minced garlic in a large bowl
(I use my hands to mix)

Step 2.
- Make small to medium sized patties (about 3/4 inch)
(3lbs of ground turkey should make around 20 patties the size of a drink coaster)

- Grill for a total of 9-10 minutes; flipping the burgers only one time around half way
(A grill is ideal, but you can also make these on a frying pan over the stove) 

- While the burgers are grilling, cut open the english muffins and place them on an open spot on the grill to toast them

- At 8 minutes place slices of the sharp cheddar cheese on top to melt

Step 3.
- Assemble burgers with a slice of tomato and a lettuce leaf
- Serve and eat :)


  1. Yum! These look so great. Hope you have nice weather for your BBQ on Saturday!

  2. Thanks :) The forecast was looking good when I wrote this and now there are some rain clouds in the picture. So we'll see!



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