Saturday, May 28, 2011

To Chop or Not to Chop


After 24 years of being on this planet, its official...I think I may have hit my mini quarter-life crisis mode.  I know, I know are thinking, wait that is supposed to happen at 25! But kids, it has happened a year early.  Among many things that are running through this OLD lady's head, the two major ones are a change of location and change of hair do!

Let's be honest change of location may not be in the cards just yet (although watch out Kathleen and Megan, both NYC and San Fran are on my radar), but I have a strong desire to chop off my long locks to join my chic sisters below.

What do you think?  Could I pull it off?

 Much Love!



  1. Matty- DO IT. I did it a couple months ago and seriously don't know what took me so long. Plus you have those fabulous cheekbones. They shouldn't be hidden, Matty. That's just wrong.



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