Monday, May 9, 2011

Totally Outrageous!


Remember this pretty lady? I have no idea what made me think about our childhood obsession with Jem, but in my recent internet musings I found so my videos of Jem!  Growing up we couldn't get enough of her...and why wouldn't we love her? She had ambition, showed leadership, knew how to accessorize, and could wear a pink dress better than anybody.  

We all know that I don't typically wear pink unless it's a cardigan, but I am happy to live vicariously through you! You should totally channel Jem and buy one of these adorable dresses from ShopBob.

Rachel Roy                      Twenty8Twelve                   Nanette Lepore

Just in case Jem doesn't convince you, check out Blake Lively at the 2009 CFDA Awards.  One of you needs to purchase a pink dress for the summer!

Much love from Chi-town!

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