Thursday, May 12, 2011


It's official, Nathan and I are off on a two month adventure this summer! We are taking a leave of absence from work in July and August, packing our backpacks, and heading to Europe. We are going to visit cities we've never been to and places we know {but have not known together}, see friends we both know and good friends we've never been able to introduce each other to, and hopefully have a few adventures that we can tell our children about some day :)

Here's our tentative itinerary:

// June 29th - Sept. 1st //

NYC ---------> London
London --> Greatham & back to London (in the English countryside, about 50 miles southwest of London)
London --> Istanbul
Istanbul --> Athens
Athens ---> Santorini & back to Athens
Athens ---> Venice
Venice ---> Milan
Milan -----> Austria
Austria ---> Berlin
Berlin -----> Amsterdam (with a quick weekend trip to Paris)
Amsterdam ---> NYC

What do you think? Any suggestions? 

Love from the East Coast

P.S. Isn't this image so lovely? You can find it here on Etsy.

P.P.S. Just to clarify (mom) I'm not pregnant, when I say "tell our children about" I'm talking about future children. Sorry, still no grandchildren yet!

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  1. Please take me with you. Would Nathan mind if his little sister-in-law tagged along?



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