Friday, April 22, 2011

A Stuntman and his 30 Rock Debut

Vic and his girlfriend Becky at our friends wedding. 

Did you see our friend Victor on 30 Rock last night? Two of the things I love the most about living in New York City is the community of people I get to call my friends (some of whom were our friends in high school) and the fact that I am surrounded by people with the strangest jobs! Victor is a stuntman, which is no surprise for those of us who knew him in highschool, and has been in most of the major action films in the last few years. We're always excited to see him on fire, jumping out of a hummer falling off a bridge, or attacking Will Smith while falling off a building on the big screen, but we were so excited to see him get hit by Tracy Morgan last night on 30 Rock!!

Vic jumping off a cliff,

on fire,

jumping across buildings,

and Vic on TV on TV :)

With love from NYC

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