Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Records to Rdio

We grew up listening to dad's records, loving mom's Madonna tapes (and making our own awesome mix tapes), buying N'Sync CDs, and then downloading mp3's.  Although we may lack music talent, despite years of choral instruction and dreams of stardom on the Disney channel, we have always loved listening to great music! Well, here is one more evolution in the way we can own and listen to the artists we love.

Rdio is a website that lets you listen to unlimited music online. You don't purchase the albums or singles, you pay for a subscription to the website. You can create a collection of albums, a playlist of songs, or put albums and songs in your que to create a stream of the songs of your choice. The Rdio collection is missing some classics and artists that are not so mainstream, but for the most part you can find what you are looking for in their database. This is not the only website of its kind, rumor has it Spotify is coming to the U.S. in the near future.

Here is Tech Crunch's review of Rdio from 2010. I think it's helpful, but two updates to note: Rdio is no longer by invite only, it's open to all and Apple has since approved the mobile app.

Love from Chicago


  1. I love this :) Remember when I put all those music bumper stickers on the back of our beat up old jeep instead of the bumper. I was a super cool 15 year old.
    love you,

  2. How cool is this? I still need an iPhone. I feel ridiculous with this silly blackberry.



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