Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Jeans: trimmed, tailored, and rolled

Sisters- As the weather gets warmer I am trying to figure out the perfect length for cropped jeans. Three of my favorite fashion blogs recently provided some inspiration.  These ladies have mastered the perfect length by trimming, rolling, or tailoring their jeans. I love the look in the Sartorialist photograph - I just might be wearing rolled jeans and wedges this weekend.

Love from the Windy City 


The Sartorialist

Hanneli Mustaparta


  1. Cute blog, sisters! We're 3 sisters too! :)

  2. So fun! We love hearing from all of these sister teams! Love it!

    ALSO- christina. Dont forget to try my beloved "rock star" jean from Old Navy! Or you can buy "diva skinny" and then cuff it. It is my signiture look :)

    love from SF



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