Friday, April 22, 2011

The Art of Self Confidence


As you both are well aware, I am pretty confident that I can be an artist. Remember a few years back when I made dad go out and buy me all the supplies so I could start my "career" as an oil painter? I know that didn't quite work out, BUT I am really sure I can do this...

(PS- I love the color scheme in this room)

This is how the artist, James Nares, paints...

I can totally do this!

Sisters- Get out your rock climbing ropes & harness. Dad- please buy me an extra large brush. You all are going to help me construct a contraption to accomplish his "style" of art. His work was just featured on Gossip Girl... so you know he is about to get big. I really think I am onto something here. You'll thank me when my art shows makes millions :)

from the west coast

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