Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Ski" Trip


I had quite the weekend. Let me tell you about it...
We decided last minute that we wanted to do a little spring skiing, so we grabbed Samara and Cody, hopped in the car and headed to Lake Tahoe. We had a great plan: drive up saturday morning, stay at the base of Heavenly Mountain, hit up the casinos, then ski all day sunday.

The drive up to Tahoe is quite easy and once you get close, the view is just gorgeous:

After the 3.5 hour drive, we arrive at the Marriot and check into our room. From that point on, we began partaking in some beverages. Altitude+beer+vodka = uh oh!

POINT OF NO RETURN: Samara and I thought that pillow covers would make a cute clutch. Please note our lovely orange, leather, pillow covers:

We then headed to Harrah's Casino. Let me tell you... I HATE GAMBLING. I never win!

After I lost all my money and threatened the dealer that I was going to call Dateline to report fraud (I really love a good Dateline expos√©). Samara and I headed back to the hotel to go swimming.
We all woke up the next morning feeling like death, so we decided not to go skiing.

Samara and I hit the pavement and tried to sell our lift tickets. We were stopped by a very nice (but toothless) worker to let us know that what we were doing was against the law. I've been to the slammer once, I was not about to go back over a lift ticket.

At the end of the trip, this was about the closest we got to skiing:

Hopefully my upcoming weekend is a little bit more successful.

mountain mama
** photo credit goes to Samara Fetto and Cody Vidinich AND hipstamatic

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