Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Favorites

Well sisters,
It's officially summer here in NYC. You know my love/hate relationship with this city's summer. LOVE: tan skin, sun kissed streaks in my hair, fresh fruit at farmer's markets. HATE: the smell of hot garbage and pee wafting through the streets, sweating in my work clothes on the way to the subway, and roasting in my cothes inside the subway. I love New York, don't get me wrong, but when mid-June, July, and August role around I would like to run away to the nearest small town with a swimmable lake. The good news is, this year, we are running away!!

But, until then, here are some of the things that have helped me suffer through NYC summer's in the past...

J Crew bathing suits
We have been rocking these bad boys since high school and the thought of a new fresh one and the Long Island Railroad out to the beach every Saturday makes me happy, so happy I barely notice the stench of fish innards leaking out of the trash bags on the street on the way to the LIRR.

This year I have my eye on their retro dot pattern...

Straw hats
A good straw hat is a frizzy haired girls life saver. I can plop this on top of my head with any outfit and slyly cover the birds nest of tangled/sweaty/curly mess on the top of my head, while displaying the not as messy/stringy/but can be described as "beachy"/waves at the bottom of my hair.

Love this one from madewell...

I never leave home without slathering on my trusty Oil of Olay with UV protection (I like tan skin, a wrinkled and leathery face, not so much) and some rose salve for my lips...

A good daily read
And my new daily summer blog read is my friend's insanely hilarious Be Better Blog. If you have a brain and the part of you brain that finds things funny is working, you must read this now.

Here's her take on swimsuits, getting summer ready, and the ever hot topic of mandals.

Love you!! From the city that sweats garbage from it's pores...

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