Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Daddy-o!

i love this picture. hahah. mustache + budweiser =  dad in the 80's

We are sorry that not all of us can be there to tell you in person how much we love you! So we are hoping this blog post will do the trick :)

We are lucky to have you as our dad. Our childhood was spent filled with days of bike rides, indian princesses, games (softball, basketball, lacrosse...), swims in Lake Michigan, sledding, snowball fights, and canoe trips. We feel blessed to have a father who was there for every birthday, dance recital, game, play, parent/teacher meetings, and the list can go on. Most importantly, you were there for us in the small moments. The skinned knees, the broken bones, the breakups, the bad test grade, the great test grade, the fights with siblings. Our lives were shaped in those moments we shared with you. We love you pops! Thank you!

We love you!

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