Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Tea for Me

Last week was a warm one in Chicago. To beat the heat I traded my coffee addiction with a need for iced tea, and more recently sweet tea. I highly recommend the sweet tea at Lovely and at Cafe Streets, both of which are in Wicker Park and deserve an upcoming blog post all of their own. My goal for the week is to get in the kitchen and make my own batch of sweet tea. I am going to try this easy recipe and I will come back with my recommendations.

The recipe with the most stars on

1 pinch baking soda

2 cups boiling water

6 tea bags

3/4 cup white sugar

6 cups cool water

Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda into a 64-ounce, heat-proof, glass pitcher. Pour in boiling water, and add tea bags. Cover, and allow to steep for 15 minutes.

Remove tea bags, and discard; stir in sugar until dissolved. Pour in cool water, then refrigerate until cold.

In true Dawson fashion, I have spent more time looking up glassware and dreamy tablesettings, than looking up recipes. Don't you think that if I serve sweet tea in this pitcher and drink it out of this glass it would taste like heaven no matter what recipe is used?



Have a great week!

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