Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion Week Favorite: Rachel Roy

Hi sisters!
While I am no expert fashiononista (a la` Megan), I did find myself drooling over a few shows last week and cursing my fashion industry friends who've spent the last few days popping in and out of tents for work. I think New York is rubbing off on me more and more every year :)

My drool inducing favorite was Rachel Roy. Instead of holding her show in the Mercedes Benz tents this year, she broke the mold and showed her line on the balcony of the Avery Fischer Hall, which seemed the appropriate way to highlight her back-to-the basics style. My friend Mo introduced me to this designer last year and I've been loving her ever since. I adore her soft, neutral color palette and her simple, elegant designs.

And check out those freakin' amazing shoes!!! My feet would like to be their new best friends.

Wish you were here,

P.S. Nathan and I inside the tents two years ago (back right), maybe not my best look ...

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