Friday, September 2, 2011

An Airstream Dream


I saw this NY Times article and pretty much fell in love. I am always dreaming of my next vacation, and I think that I would love to spend the weekend hunkered down in a luxurious airstream! Which sparked my newest business idea... an airstream "glamping" park! It's like an RV park for snobs/hipsters :) Who is in?!!

* MOM: glamping = glamorous camping

I love camping just as much as the next girl. But seriously, this is the kind of camping that I could do for multiple night in a row!

XOXO- love from your "outdoorsy" sister in CA!


  1. I LOVE this. I want to buy one to use as a guest house for my future dream house. Plant a little garden around it and send grandma and grandpa there when they visit?

  2. Yes please :) Let's make this the next family vacation! And I think there's already a glamping site in Austin Texas Meg, but we can look into it...



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