Sunday, March 27, 2011

Long Skirts for a Long Winter


It has been a solid winter in Chicago: January was frigid, February brought snow thunder and record breaking amounts of snow, and now we are in March and barely breaking 35 degrees.  I am still stuck in the winter-wear I pulled out in November and desperately trying get creative with the heavy sweaters I wish I could pack away.  Inspired by a few posts from The Satoriarlist and Hanneli Mustaparta, I am convinced that a long pleated skirt just might be the answer.

Before I venture down this road with my wardrobe, I have set up a few rules for myself. First, stick to natural colors and fabrics. Second, add structure to my top half by layering a coat, vest, or light weight blazer over the sweater.  Third, wear this look with heals that give me some decent height (I am short and so a long flowing skirt has the potential to make me look short and stubby).

I will keep you posted on the hunt for the perfect skirt and my attempt at the look!

The Sartorialist
The Sartorialist
Hanneli Mustaparta

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  1. I am very down with this and see it has a very frilly spring welcome, perhaps pairs with a longer belted khaki trench (the greener classic khaki, none of this stone nonsense).



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